I worked in journalism for 12 years. This background means I know how to write effectively – but also how to find the best stories in any situation. Real stories provide the most engaging content in a media landscape increasingly dominated by automation.

There are a few other skills I’ve picked up along the way:

• The ability to get my head around new subjects quickly. Journalists have to do this to daily deadlines, often writing around five articles a day.
• The ability to communicate with all sorts of people in a relaxed way. From politician interviews to street vox pops, you need to get people talking.
• The ability to stay level headed and productive in stressful environments. One word: deadlines.
• The ability to understand complicated situations. Good journalism examines both sides of the story.

Some examples of my work:

  1. Publication: The Guardian
    The story of a blind man who found that the Sydney Olympics website was inaccessible, despite being built by IBM to represent the Paralympics. Read more.
  2. Publication: Journalism.co.uk
    A feature about a phone application that is making reporters more productive. Read more.
  3. Publication: Women’s Health
    A travel feature on learning to surf in Portugal’s Algarve region. Read more.