Surfing the Algarve
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The windswept shores, rugged cliffs and dirt tracks of Portugal’s Western Algarve are a far cry from the lively resorts and white painted villas of its southern coast.

In fact, the western edge of this country’s most popular holiday region has remained remarkably unspoilt. The beaches are breathtakingly beautiful but the ocean is colder and rougher here than on the south coast.

With the Atlantic generating some of the most powerful swells in the world, this area is perfect for one particular beach pursuit – surfing.

My destination was a villa just outside the ancient walled fishing town of Lagos. It is just twenty minutes drive from some of the best surfing beaches in Europe.

It’s hard to describe the thrill of surfing to somebody who’s never tried it. The feeling of exhilaration when the wave catches your board and you fly across the surface of the water is incomparable. Unfortunately, the very thing that makes surfing so uniquely fun is also the thing makes it so difficult to master.

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surfing article by Caroline White

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