Project title:microsoft logo

Online community management: to develop Microsoft UK’s new cloud computing group on LinkedIn.

Project aim:

To develop Microsoft’s reputation as a thought leader in the cloud computing field.

Project details:

I managed Microsoft UK’s cloud computing community on LinkedIn, growing its membership organically by around 3,000 people in two years. My role included content creation and content development strategy, working on new member engagement strategies, marketing and developing the brand using other social and digital media channels.

My role:

  • to grow the group’s membership organically
  • to develop content strategies and plans in conjunction with the client
  • to engage group members in conversation, answering questions and pointing people towards useful content
  • to ask regular questions, designed to generate useful conversations
  • to create and post relevant content, such as blogs and white papers
  • to provide an informative resource for members
  • to connect members directly with the right people at Microsoft
  • to support Microsoft in developing the right content.

I have also worked on several other thought leadership and social outreach projects for Microsoft.

online community management pageJoin Cloud Computing – Microsoft UK  or click on the image to go to LinkedIn.

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